Who started the Midlife MacGyver Movement & Why?

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They say  the first step in recovery is to admit you have a problem.

My name is Penny Plautz and I’m in the midst of midlife.

Not that this a problem.  Admitting I was a certain age was a bit of a problem in the beginning.  But now that I’ve had some time to settle into it, I see it as the inciting incident in the plot of my story to start the Midlife MacGyver Movement.

What exactly is the Midlife MacGyver Movement? 

If you, too, are of a certain age then the MacGyver part needs no explanation.

For the full story, I will refer you back to the very first post in June of 2011.  But here’s the short version.

Midlife requires us to face any number of odd, unsettling, or surprising challenges that we may feel ill-equipped to deal with at first blush. But because we have lived an adventurous life filled with experiences and knowledge leading us to precisely this point, we possess the exact skills to master any situation that should arise with little more than duct tape, a Swiss Army knife, and wisdom to know what to do with it.

Classic Angus MacGyver.  With those pesky issues that tend to arise at midlife added to the mix.

Why now?  Especially when no one really wants to admit they have arrived at midlife?

Okay, so many blogs are written by younger, more tech savvy bloggers with  amazing ideas and the kind of infectious energy necessary to change the world.  God bless them for they do not yet realize one day for no apparent reason their energy may dwindle, their brains may get fuzzy, their waists may thicken, their hair may start to thin, and they may no longer need daycare for their children but perhaps for their parents.

When this happens, I want to be here with a reassuring message that while this may be the end of the world as they know it, it is also the beginning of something that can potentially be the most graceful, informative, and significant time in a lifespan.

We get too many scary and depressing messages that it’s all downhill once we’re over the hill.  I, for one, want to put a stop to the fear of forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, and beyond.

I figure if we’re still here, we have work to do.  We have something to contribute and if we are lucky, we have the time, the resources, and the courage to make a difference.

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    • pjplautz says:

      Thanks, Angela! I love what you are doing as well with the condo and other projects. I love watching my creative friends create! 🙂

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