No Matter What – Day 8

It’s Day 8 of the No Matter What Game.  To find out how you can join in, see details below the post.

Crowd of Diverse People

G:  Pick two different coloured crayons (or something similar) at random. Tell us something related to each of the colours.

P:  This reminds me of an exercise we just did at Staff Development Day on Friday.  Twice a year our three colleges come together for day of reckoning and reacquainting.

To prevent us from staying in our comfort zone and sitting with people we already know at our own campuses, the organizers planned a mixer where we sat with others from across the district.  We were then asked to find four things everyone at our table had in common besides working at EICC.

While it was easy to come up with things all humans have in common, I was really hoping we’d dig deep and discover some uncommon commonalities.  Since one of the people at our table teaches Intro to Psychology, I felt certain we had a reliable life guard should we decide to wade into deep waters.

Sadly we stayed in shallow waters, which is always safe at a public pool.  (And a public school.)

But this goes against my nature.  Being the Queen of Quirk that I am, I never play it safe at the public pool.  I’m the one with the zoomers, hand gloves, goggles, and nose plug swimming slowly but steadily in the lap lane in a polka dot one piece.  I show up equipped and ready to make the most of the experience.

In the beginning, it used to make me feel a wee bit self-conscious.  One of the great things that has happened to me at midlife is I stopped caring so much what everyone else thinks and started daring to be my own brand of brilliant and beautiful.

This doesn’t mean anyone else agrees with me.  It just means I’m freer and have more fun than I used to.

This also means I don’t follow directions well and like to make exceptions whenever possible.  So, instead of relating this post to colours (if you are reading this the UK) or colors (if you are reading this in the US) or I’m not sure which spelling you prefer if you are in Australia, I decided to just write no matter what and see where we drifted.

I’m also committed to getting to bed early tonight so this is where I leave you.

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No Matter What – Day 7

Day 7 of the No Matter What Game.  Learn how you can play at the end of this post.

Grilled Salmon with fresh salad and lemon. Selective focus

G:  What are the most memorable meals you’ve ever had?

P:  As a newly certified Eating Psychology Coach, this is powerful question for  me.

Long before I understood what truly nourished me, I suspected it was as much the location, ambiance, awareness, the speed at which I ate, and the company and emotional content of the conversation I kept while eating as the food that was offered and its nutritional value.

Food is such a complicated thing. Representing all that is good, nurturing, and life sustaining as well as the reason we love to hate, blame, and shame ourselves, our relationship with food (which is often unconscious) defines us as much as anything we consciously chose to represent us.

When I decided over a year ago to change the way I’d been eating for the past fifty, things got ugly.  But having stayed the course now for fifteen months, I can tell you it’s the best thing I could have done for myself.

But that’s a story for another day, or quite possibly, another book.

Back to the question.  My most memorable meals usually involve salmon. I love salmon. I had the best salmon in the desert of all places.  Santa Fe, to be exact.  Santa Fe is also the home of Harry’s Road House and many a memorable meal.

Bob and I had an exquisite meal at a quaint little Mexican place in Bisbee, Arizona this past February.  Maybe it was because we were on vacation.  Maybe it was because we’d just been to a brewery and that made Bob happy.  Maybe it was because I was back in the Southwest and that made me ecstatic. Or maybe it just reminded me of Harry’s Road House.

When I’d visit my sister in southern California we’d go to a cute little diner for oatmeal. Not just any oatmeal.  Great oatmeal with brown sugar.

I also remember the oatmeal I ordered during the seminar where Gillian and I met in Los Angeles last January.  Each morning the waitress would come up to me and say, “Would you like the usual?”  This made me feel instantly at home.

The California-oatmeal connection would not be complete without mentioning the morning Bob and I had oatmeal and granola and fruits and nuts at a sweet café in Monterey before we went whale watching.

When our family took an Alaskan cruise I remember most of the meals on the ship, on the train, and on the bus.  Not because I had unlimited access to salmon, but because of the spectacular settings. And because I’d never known any place to charge $35 for macaroni and cheese before.

Sadly, the price does not guarantee how delicious a meal will be.  The apples off my family’s tree are pretty darn delicious and free for the picking. For a real treat and a limited time, nothing’s better than Merb’s caramel apples from St. Louis.

And if I mention apples I must also mention strawberries and how bananas I go over strawberry salads.  The best one I had was at the Hotel Desoto in Galena, Illinois.  And it comes with salmon. 🙂


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No Matter What – Day 6

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 bob and penny you don't say

To preface Gillian’s question for today, I mentioned to her that last weekend after Bob proofread the post that kicked off No Matter What, his comment was “I’ve lost you again.”  This is a guy who has watched me work through a couple of 21 Day Dietary Detoxes, a 30 Day blogging challenge,  and a 1×31 Get Stuff Done challenge in the last year.  So he know of what he speaks!

G: How could you approach this challenge differently so that Bob doesn’t miss you so much?

P:  The challenge of spending quality time with loved ones versus spending time alone in order to create is something I think most artists/creative people struggle with.  It’s one of the reasons I’ve never married.  Artsy folks tend to have a different relationship to time, space, and reality in general than regular folks.

If you are a creative type, you know what I mean.  If you live with one, you also know what I mean.  And bless you.  I know we’re not the easiest people to live with.

The call to create is compelling.  The courage required to create is considerable.  And the consequences of not creating can be catastrophic.

I used to print out my posts and leave them on the table for Bob to read before he drank his coffee, digested the news, and prepared to leave the house at 7:15am.

He could consume in 3 minutes what it took me 3 hours to create.  And so it is with most creative work from movies to plays to concerts to books.

I love to linger after movies or finishing a book or attending a concert.  I want to watch it again, read it again, listen to it again.  I want to understand as much as I can about all of it. I want to know the back story.

I move slowly in a world that moves fast.  Attempting to alter my rhythm is very stressful for me.  I also get that my moving slowly and deliberately is very stressful to those who like to move quickly.  Like Bob.

But as a writer, I cannot afford to rush through life and miss the nuances and the tells that allow me to craft a story that rings true. I have to feel my way into the messiness of life.  I have to have time to think about my behavior and work out what it all means and why.

Whenever I commit to a challenge, there is a point when I melt down and want to forget the whole thing.  The first time I did a blogging challenge I hit a snag around Day 19.  It was the first day of school and a demanding day for administrators, advisors, and staff.  I came home late, slumped on the couch, and declared myself done for the day.

Bob said, “Honey, you need to do write.  I know you had a tough day but you’ll be really upset with yourself if you don’t write.”

Of course he was right.  I got up, dusted myself off, and posted my 500 words as if there was never a doubt I would.

In the end, I think our loved ones would rather have us create – even if it means time away from them – than resent them for the craziness that comes with not creating.

And since it’s football season followed by hunting season, Bob may not miss me at all. 🙂


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No Matter What – Day 5

No Matter What Game …. find out how you can play below post.

Woman is lost and wanders into a book with glow lights.

G: Your mentioned in your last post “I currently have 5 books begging to be birthed”. Give us a taste of each book.

P:  The theme that runs throughout all my books is the idea of “Lost & Found“.  I believe we need to get lost before we can truly find ourselves, our sidekicks, and our way in the world.

As cliché as it sounds, it really is the journey, the climb, the adventure that makes the man or woman. We need to set out on our grand adventures with the best of intentions so when we discover the road from here to there is under construction, we can see these detours for what they really are. Divinely orchestrated and unexpected side trips where we encounter the people, places, and experiences we need for our character (and stories) to emerge.  Joseph Campbell called this the hero’s journey.

One of my favorite phrases is part of a longer quote by J.R.R. Tolkien,  “Not all who wander are lost.”  That would be the title of choice for my stories about Santa Fe and why it attracts so many people who feel exiled from other places.

Another book about living the creative life in the Land of Enchantment would be The Dog, The Desert, and the Days that Define a Life.  My dog Malcolm and I had the most extraordinary adventures involving red racers, bulls, javelinas, hawks and a wide variety of other dogs as we hiked/housesat/dogsat our way through Santa Fe.

I particularly like stories of pilgrimages and hikes; works that explore inner as well as outer journeys.  I was thrilled to see Cheryl Strayed’s book “Wild” and Bill Bryson’s book, “A Walk in  the Woods” become movies.  I also love books and movies about the Camino De Santiago. I especially enjoyed The Way with Martin Sheen.

At the same time I’m concerned the market will be saturated with these walking stories before I have the chance to write mine.

The Lost Ladies of Cumbria is about a week long hiking trip with poet David Whyte through the Lake District told from the perspective of seven middle-aged women.  The circumstances that brought each of us to that place and that time are themes I think many women at midlife can relate to.

We often hear about men’s midlife crises, but women’s stories have largely been left untold.  (Except for Stella.) This book gives those stories a voice while weaving in the incredible poetry and wisdom of a gifted poet.

I’d love to create a day book called A Penny for Your Thoughts which could be a compilation of blog posts and the Midlife Manifesto I crafted a few years ago.

And last but not least, I plan to turn a class I designed and taught 11 years ago called Read It & Leap! into an ebook that ideally you will be able to download on February 29,  2016.  Yes, approximately three Leap Days after I originally conceived of the idea, I’d like to finally birth this baby.  Long labor, yes?

So, there you have it.  The books demanding I write them into existence.  Which one would you like to read first?  Let me know in the comments below.


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No Matter What – Day 4

It’s Day 4 of the No Matter What Game.  Stay tuned to find out how you, too, can play after the post…  Girl walking on rail

G:  What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up and what do you think about that now?

P:  Like many little girls, I thought I wanted to be a teacher.  I’d spend hours playing school and teaching my invisible students all the things I was learning.  I was remember my beloved first grade teacher, Miss Edmunds, looking at me right after someone next to me had thrown up and asking, “Would you like to be a teacher?”

Not really grasping the undercurrent of what she was implying and assuming she really wanted to know my career plans at age 6, I responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes!!

It wasn’t until years later after an adult student had puked in my hallway and walked out as if nothing had happened, leaving me and my staff to clean up, that I fully grasped what Miss Edmunds was implying.

At that moment my answer was a resounding, “No!

But here is the indisputable truth.  I’ve been teaching my whole life.  Whether it’s teaching a roomful of scantily clad men and women how to do the grapevine or  inadvertently teaching someone what not to wear or teaching my old dog a new trick, when this teacher is ready, her students appear.

I also starting writing poetry at a young age and won a poetry contest in 7th grade.  I wouldn’t win any kind of poetry contest these days because the standards are higher and I tend to swear, which might disqualify me.

I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer but because it came relatively easy to me, I thought my true calling must be something that I should really wrestle with.  (As if  making a living writing isn’t enough of a struggle.)

Consequently I created a lot of drama around the “what do I want to be when I grow up” question which actually prevented me from growing up in some ways.  I spent a lot of time wandering around the desert pondering the meaning of life.

Now I wish I would have written as well as wandered.

All those experiences served as fodder for my writing.  I currently have 5 books begging to be birthed.  So the challenge is now to do what I was born to do.  Write. No. Matter. What.


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No Matter What – Day 3

Human eye over abstract business background. Vision perspective

Day 3 of No Matter What Game.  If you’re just joining us, you can find out what it’s all about in the details below today’s response.

G:  How would you spend the day if you could make yourself invisible for 24 hours?

P:  The bigger question for me would be how would I spend the day if I could make myself visible for 24 hours.  It’s been my experience that women tend to become invisible the moment we hit 40 or some arbitrary age when people collectively start calling us “ma’am”.

It’s unfortunate because that’s when we get interesting, have the most to say, have experience to back up our enthusiasm or lack there of.  It’s when we could most benefit from being seen because we have so much to contribute. We know our way around the bedroom, the boardroom, the basement, and the ballpark. (And that’s just the B’s.  I haven’t started on the rest of the alphabet.)

However, if I’m going to whine about that, I need to have a really great comeback to the visibility question. What would I do if one of my posts went viral, I’d be asked to give a TED talk, or my book would be included in Oprah’s book club?  Or more likely, what would I do with the attention of 1000 followers?  Okay, 100 followers?

Tell the best story I could.  Tell it honestly, passionately, and with great humor.

Having said that, I’ll now answer the invisibility question.

I’d lounge around the Coffee House studios at Sirius XM radio and meet some of my favorite singer songwriters, hang out with the Dalai Lama, slip into a publishing house and watch how a book comes together, observe my mentors, visit a movie set, go backstage at a concert, watch creatives at work.

And I’d repeatedly throw the ball to my dog Jake because even though he couldn’t see me, he’d never take his eye off the ball.


What would you commit to do every day no matter what?  I’ve committed to writing and Gillian has committed to coaching so we’re playing this Q & A  No Matter What Game.  Join in or just follow along.  Either way, we’d love to hear your comments below.

No Matter What – Day 2

Cute 4 months old baby making a funny surprised face

Okay, it’s Day 2 and the game goes like this.  The world’s best coach Gillian gets to ask me a question and I get to answer because my commitment for the next 30 days is to write no matter what and hers is to coach no matter what.

You are invited to play along as well.  Find out how below.

G:  What has been the most surprising/unexpected thing about your life to date?

P: Short answer – everything!


  1. Life got infinitely more interesting once I turned 40 and has gotten increasingly better every year since then.
  2. After living in many exciting and beautiful places, I now live in a small farming community approximately 65 miles from where I was born.
  3. I also own my house and have a “real” job.  Oddly enough, I now I find this exciting and beautiful.
  4. I had clung to a dream so long that when it finally came true it took me awhile to realize I’d outgrown it.
  5. I got engaged when most people were having grandchildren.
  6. I changed my entire life by changing what went in my mouth (in terms of eating healthy, whole foods) and what came out (how I used my words).
  7. Relaxing into the moment makes my life so much easier than stressing into it does.
  8. The universe really does have my back. It will meet me half way. Sometimes I only have to go the extra 1/4 mile.
  9. It often takes 50 years to become an overnight success. Practice, practice, practice.
  10. Having the approval of thousands of people I may never know is not nearly as important as loving those in front of me.
  11. Pets make the world a better place.  So does Amazon Prime.
  12. Cleaning up my act has consequences.
  13. I had no idea how scary it would be to write “raw“.  This kind of “ask me anything” writing is terrifying because it demands a deeper truth.
  14. Invisibility is not a superpower.  Vulnerability is.  Gratitude is.
  15. My body – everyone’s body – is a wonderland. Mine is my oldest friend and ultimate ally. I cannot afford to ignore, abuse, or otherwise shame it.  Becoming a Certified Eating Psychology Coach was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  It healed the wounds unconsciously inflicted over a lifetime.


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