Get Your Gobble On

keep calm and gobble on background

It’s here! My favorite holiday of the year.

A day set aside to feast with family and friends and give thanks for all the good gathered over the course of a year.

Since this year Bob and I decided to host this production at our place, I needed a strategy for getting my gobble on with grace and gratitude.  Keep Calm and Gobble On seems to be the best strategy so far.

Thanksgiving is the kind of food-centric holiday that could keep a Certified Eating Psychology Coach in business all year.  With every imaginable issue surrounding food and nourishment having the potential to rear its ugly head at the most inopportune time, it’s good to have a plan.

Instead of dispensing advise on counting calories or carbs or suggesting you exercise til the turkeys come home like so many well-intentioned articles do at this time of year, I’m going to politely ask you to ignore those messages (since most of them lead to guilt and shame) and pay special attention to this one (since it might lead to an epiphany).

As difficult as it may be, do not numb out, check out, or let food or drink take you out of your discomfort in the moment. Stay present.  Be mindful.  Amazing things occur when you are aware enough to notice them.

Granted, if you are surrounded by your closest kin, you may have moments where you want to drink yourself silly or stuff your emotions like the bird you may be eating.  Or you may be so tense or hyper you rush through your meal without digesting anything but the non-stop stimuli coming at you from every media outlet available.

I get it.  There is a lot going on.  Most of it out of your control, I might add.  So please, stay calm.  Relax into the wonder of it all. Or if that’s not possible, wonder how to relax into it all. Stressing out gives you indigestion at best,  gas at worse.  And then you’ve got a whole new family legacy to live down.

What would it be like to simply trust your body and allow your belly to inform your brain what it needs to feel truly nourished?  What if you could just breathe into the meal, take your time savoring the food and the conversation, and ease into any emotionally volatile territory without full armor?  What if you could acknowledge the time away from work or your daily routine, allow yourself to be interested in the people you are related to, and celebrate the sacredness of the tradition itself?

This day is different from all other Thursdays.

Not just because we are encouraged to eat more and shop more than at any other time of year.  But because this is something we do in this country that unites us and reminds us we came from a collaborative crew.

The logistics and effort involved for so many people to get where they are going and have something to eat when they arrive is mind-blowing. Travelers, grocers, producers, retailers, advertisers, chefs, assistants, truck drivers, hospitality folks, entertainers, waitstaff, housekeepers, neighbors, pet-sitters, the list goes on and on.

It takes a village to get our collective gobble on. Whether that be a small one, a virtual one, or a global one, it’s all so impressive. For that village, and my tribe in particular (if you’re reading this, that means you!), I am most grateful.

I’d love to hear how you are getting your gobble on in the comments below.





How Now, Brown Cow?

For a do to Jersey cows on a green grass

Last May I fell completely and utterly (I would say udderly but these are steers) in love with four Jersey Boys.  And I don’t mean Frankie Valli and friends or the guys from Jersey Shore.  The boys I’m talking about are four legged doe-eyed beauties like the ones above.

This love affair started the day Bob and I drove to Wisconsin to pick them up.  We were on Day 11 of the 21 Day Purification program.

I remember Day 11 because it was the first day we could add meat back into our diet.  For ten days we had eaten only fruits and vegetables. Our weight loss had been  steady, and in Bob’s case remarkable, so we weren’t sure how adding meat would affect our losing streak.

When we drove into town we headed to the scales to weigh the cattle.  Although this was an entirely different scale than I was using, I had to report to my group that adding meat resulted in a 2800 pound weight gain.  (This was the beginning of my breakup with the scales.)

What I didn’t know was how much these magnificent creatures would cause me to question my decision to eat meat.  I quickly became concerned with the conditions of cattle everywhere and how they (and other animals) are treated.

Granted, I grew up on a farm so I knew in advance how this story would end.  The men in my life are hunters and insist on reminding me of the cycle of life.  But I am blown away by the cycle of love and the capacity critters have to offer us comfort in exchange for a little kindness.

My Jersey Boys were full of joy and curiosity from the moment we got them home.  They  took to the pasture like it was their playground and we were their playmates.  Because they were bottle fed, they followed us around like puppies and ate apples out of our hands.

When I started scheming about ways to keep the boys with us for decades to come, Bob started limiting my visits.  He said my plan to keep them in the basement over the winter was not going to work, not even if we kept just one.

He did consent to keeping them with us longer than any other steers.  However, today he loaded them in the trailer and took them for their final ride.

Bob pretends it doesn’t bother him, but what he doesn’t know is I know he bought two bags of apples earlier in the week just for them.  When I went to say goodbye to them, they nuzzled up next me and I burst into tears.  They had no need to know why I was distraught.  They wanted only to comfort and nudged closer.

For a long time I stood there crying like a 4-H kid who had just said good-bye to her  champion steer.  People say they are just animals, but I know they become our confidantes when we spend time caring for them.

Despite my intellectual understanding of impermanence and the way nature works, I mourn the loss of love in any form.  These bovine bodhisattvas taught me a great deal about love in a short time.

I could put my heart on lock down and become defensive and fearful.  Or I could ask, “How now, brown cowsHow do we live and love knowing loss is inevitable?”

Like my cow-ncil of elders, I suspect my Jersey boys would reply, “By never missing an opportunity to love… however and whenever it shows up.”








A Suprising Practice to Boost Your Creativity

still life with vegetables isolated on brown background

It’s here!  Day 21 of my 21 Day Purification.

No matter how many times I detox, it’s always different. I continue to be amazed at what comes up for examination. I get to look at people, patterns, and projects from a different perspective and notice how each contributes to or detracts from my health and well-being.

One thing that doesn’t change is the thrill of crossing the finish line.

Don’t get me wrong.  Day 22 is going to look very much like Day 21.  If I’ve learned anything in the last 21 days, it’s that my body and brain love it when I clean up my act and eat whole, nutritious meals that I consciously plan and prepare.

Knowing this and practicing it on a daily basis are two different things. Doing the 21 Day Purification puts the practice part up front and center for enough days to become a habit. This is deceptively difficult to do. But once the habit is established, it’s easier to continue with the practice than to stop and start all over again.

The thing I look forward to the most is not watching the pounds melt off (because sometimes they don’t) but witnessing how much better my brain works and how much quicker my creativity kicks in. My increased energy level is sustainable with no slumps or spikes. I can focus easier and think clearer.

Artists are often given a wide berth in the bad behavior department.  It’s like we’ve unconsciously bought into the belief that great talent is too much for mere mortals.  So we put ourselves in an altered state and drink, drug, smoke, gamble, screw, or spend ourselves silly in order to be worthy of our creative inheritance.

The truth is the only altered state we need to be in is one of mindful presence and persistence mixed with a hint of humility. Genius will gladly guide us if we ask it to and clear some space for it to work its wonders.

A few years ago I decided that in order to do my best work, I had to be my best self. I had to feel good in the skin I was in and my brain had to be firing on all cylinders. I couldn’t do that if I was subtly or not so subtly sabotaging my own success.

If I numbed myself out with excessive sugar, overloaded on carbs, or jacked myself up on caffeine, I ended up with the kind of thoughts that lead people to believe they’re good dancers after several drinks.

The kind of consistent creativity I cultivate now comes from having my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ducks in a row.

It turns out that after years of wandering around the desert, studying with gurus, and practicing all kinds of alternative paths to crack the creative code, the surprising practice I overlooked was accessible all along. What I eat and how I nourish myself dramatically impact the quality and quantity of my creative output. Input really does equal output.

I can con myself into thinking creativity is a mysterious practice based on the whims of a capricious muse. Or I can clean myself up and invite it over for a healthy, nutritious meal, followed by a walking meeting.


What about you?  When do you feel your best?  How do you invite creativity into your day?  Share if you dare in the comments below.

Break Up with Your Scale

Weighting scales with  measuring tape. Diet concept. 3d

It’s Day 14 of my 21-Day detox and we’re heading into the homestretch. While the daily discipline required to stay on course is intense, I’m loving the confidence that comes with cleaning out my body and mind while connecting deeply with my soul.

There are as many reasons to do a cleanse, detox, or a purification as there are people who do them. Many people, however, do them to lose weight. And if they diligently follow a particular protocol, they usually do.

Unfortunately, unless they continue with the habits put in place during the detox, the results usually aren’t sustainable. Granted, the first couple of days, no one wants to continue after Day 21. But about half way through when they start feeling better, they might consider it.  By the end of it, they may have lost all desire to go back to their pre-detox habits.

I’m all for breaking up with unhealthy habits. Because breaking up is hard to do, my first rule when detoxing is to Become a Badass. I mean this in the best possible way.

You must be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. But you must be ruthless with the terrible tales you tell yourself about your inability to stick with anything for more than a minute.

Cleansing requires considerable courage. Toxins come in many forms – from the foods we eat to the air we breathe to the people we surround ourselves with.

When I detox, I’m no longer able to tolerate toxins the way I did before. Becoming a Badass is an act of bravery. I have to let go of things I no longer need since holding on to them sabotages my health and well-being.

For example, as my first official act of Badassery, I broke up with my scale. To me it was a liar, a terrorist, a tyrant, and a thief.  I decided to no longer accept its feedback as a measure of success or failure during the detox or any time.

I refused to let the scale diminish anything I might innately know about my body, like how it feels, what it needs, how I nourish it, or how I find pleasure in it. I refused to let an ever elusive number impact my day, my mood, my perspective, or my relationship with myself or others.

I have no need to give my power over to something as fickle as a firecracker. A scale can’t measure if I feel lighter, leaner, or more confident. It can’t begin to measure how much clearer my thoughts or complexion are or how much more emotionally available and spiritually connected I am. It cannot imagine the thrill of embodying fully.

The thing is I’ve always possessed the power to expose the scale for what it is. I  trusted it more than myself when I was younger. But not anymore. I trust my body to weigh whatever it wants to when I am nourishing it well and moving it meaningfully.

As a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, I know the damage a scale and what it represents can have on self-worth and body image.  I’ve seen how it contributes to a multitude of eating disorders.

If you have a healthy relationship with your scale, you may not need to break up with it.  Maybe your issue is with something else. Whatever it might be, call it out.

This is necessary in order to follow my Second Rule of Badassery:  Take back your power from whoever or whatever shamed you or made you feel less than all of who you are.

I’ll leave you with these words for advice. “Never ask if anything makes your butt look big. Assume you look marvelous because YOU are marvelous. You’re a Badass, for goodness sake. :)

Who or what do you need to detox from this week?  I’d love for you to share if you dare in the comments below. 

Also, if you are interested in learning more about detoxing, I’m starting a new project called The Detox Diaries.  If you’d like to follow along, let me know and I’ll send you an email when the blog is ready.

Nature Nurtures

Footpath autumn forest

I’m officially 1/3 of the way through my purification process. To celebrate this milestone and the gorgeous weather, my fiancé Bob and my sister Kellie and I decided to take a hike.  We trekked along the bluffs to an amazing overlook and then down to the Maquoketa River.

As we were hiking back through a stunning uphill stretch of trail I remarked, “This is exactly what it feels like in the purification process.  I still have 14 days of an uphill climb.

Bob and Kellie were ahead of me when I said this so they had to turn around to hear me.  From this perspective they could only see behind me and both exclaimed, “But look how far you’ve already come!

As soon as I turned around, I saw exactly what they meant. We had indeed made significant progress.  Because they were with me and I was enjoying their company,  I hadn’t even noticed.

Detoxing is difficult because unlike writing, I often use food to numb out, soothe, or go unconscious.  I use writing to do the opposite.  I write to awaken and become present to my life, to feel my way around my head, and articulate that experience so it makes some kind of sense.

I get twitchy when I don’t write.  I get hangry (hungry + angry) when I can’t eat the comfort foods I’m accustomed to.  The good news is my definition of comfort food changes each time I detox to healthier options. (My current comfort food is toasted coconut chips.)

The best news is eventually this discomfort prompts me to write, cleanse, have  fierce conversations, or do any number of things to move my life, my health, my relationships, and my career forward.

I first published the following post in February of 2014 when I was working on a writing project. I decided to dig it up and re-post to get me through the next 14 days and keep you on course doing whatever you may have agree to do during the No Matter What game.


Every now and then it’s important to remind myself why I do what I do.  It’s especially helpful to create a manifesto when I set out to improve some part of my life or break a destructive habit or resolve to do something I’ve not succeeded in doing up to this point.

The Paradoxical Commandments written by Dr Kent Keith in 1968 as part of a booklet for student leaders has been on my mind lately.  This seemed like the perfect piece to adapt to serve as my writing manifesto and see me through the times when I wonder whether all this reinvention is really necessary.

Here’s what I came up with today.  I share it with you to serve as an example of something you might create for yourself, substituting the obstacles and resistance you face on a regular basis along with the thing you resolve to do anyway.

To read the original commandments, click on the link above.  To read the version that has been attributed to Mother Teresa, click here.

Create one for yourself, then as always, share if you dare below in the comments.

Write Anyway by Penny Plautz

Forces may conspire to squelch my creativity,
be still and write anyway.

My muse may refuse to inspire,
log on and write anyway.

Exhaustion may convince me I’m too tired to take this on,
rest and write anyway.

Drama may attempt to declare dominance over my day,
keep calm and write anyway.

Rejection may unleash a lifetime of doubt,
ignore and write anyway.

Others may not read, agree, appreciate, or approve of what I write,
accept it and write anyway.

The pain may appear to be too terrifying to articulate,
trust the art of the heart and write anyway.

I may have said it all before and have no original thoughts,
repeat and write anyway.

I may be exposed as inconsistent, slightly irrational, or overly emotional,
risk and write anyway.

There may be 10,000 tangible things on my to-do list,
honor the intangible and write anyway.

I may need more training, guidance, editing, or research to succeed,
seek support and write anyway.

There may be millions of writers reaching for the same dream,
join them and write anyway.

In the final analysis, we all are trust fund babies of the Great Creator.
To claim my inheritance, all that is required is to write anyway.

No Matter What – Day 21

It’s the end of week four of the No Matter What Game and since I posted a bonus piece on Saturday this also brings us to Day 21, which is where I leave you.  Not because you’ve been anything but supportive, but because next week I start my dietary detox. If you’ve ever done one, you know I’ll need all my wits about me to manage the civil war between what my mind wants and what my body craves.

Never fear, I’ll be blogging again in no time.

Old vintage typewriter, close-up.

G: Which prompt was your favourite and which one did you learn the most from?

P:  In my way of answering without really answering, I will say they were all my favorite because I learned something from every single one of them.  Whether it was what I felt like writing about at the end of a very long day at the office was debatable.

In the end, it came down to showing up and practicing my craft.  Nothing would get done if I waited until I felt like it, had the energy, or was inspired to do it. Having a coach and the accountability that blogging daily provided made a huge difference.

I love to write, it’s true.  I write every day no matter what regardless of whether I’m blogging or journaling.  Journaling helps me metabolize life. But blogging helps me bravely find my voice.

Before we started the No Matter What Game, I was convinced I needed to figure out a way to quit my day job in order to write full time.  Now I know the key is not the amount of time I have to write but simply that I write. No. Matter. What.

It’s also not about writing something that goes viral or gets lots of likes and attracts thousands of raving fans.  (Although I’m open to that experience.)  It’s more that I write the right words for the right person at the right time.

I recently had an experience writing a few greeting cards for Cardthartic.  I was thrilled to see my words alongside of beautiful drawing of a sunflower.  I sent the card to a dear friend who said it meant the world to her, not just because I wrote it, but because of the words held special meaning for her and her son.

At that moment I let go of the desire to write a book that gets made into a movie that wins awards and surrendered to the sweet success that writing a few good words can bring.

I have “met” many of you because you read one of these posts, liked it, and invited me to check out your site. You are amazing and incredibly inspiring!  This makes the whole thing worthwhile. It motivates me to write no matter what because it really does matter to all of us.

As artists we no longer need to feel isolated unless we want to. Creative communities abound and our tribe often looks much different than we imagine.  Mine is now wonderfully diverse and global.  And we never would have found each other if we were unwilling to be vulnerable, visible, and vocal.

Thanks to all of you who have followed diligently or just read what interested you, left a comment, or liked a post. And thanks to the world’s greatest coach Gillian for sending prompts no matter what. Even though I’m done writing daily for a short time, you can still ask Gillian to send you prompts at

My world is infinitely better because all of you are in it. Thanks for playing along.


I’d love to hear from you.  Please your feedback or share your favorite prompt in the comments below.

No Matter What – Day 20

One more day and we wrap up the No Matter What Game for this go round.  Day 20 is just as important as Day 1 so feel free to jump right in and play along with us before the game is over.  It’s kind of like the 9th inning, the 4th quarter, the 2 minute warning…. okay, I may have attended or watched too many sporting events in the past week.  :)

puzzle head

G: If your life was a jigsaw how would you describe it? Do you have all the straight bits in? Are there any pieces missing/in the wrong place?

P:  Excellent question!  Life really is one big puzzle, isn’t it?  Since mine  didn’t come with instructions or a picture on the outside to model my creatively quirky life after, it’s been a colorful combination of straight bits, absolutely ridiculous bits, groovy bits, heartbreaking bits, lost bits, found bits, and everything in between bits.

Finally I’m getting the bigger picture and can organize my strategies and efforts around a central theme.  And I’m incredibly grateful I didn’t throw out any of the bits I had no idea what to do with at the time.

Now I see that it all served a purpose, it all had a place, and without even one of those strange and unusual, humiliating and frustrating, or grand and glorious pieces, I wouldn’t be who I am today or where I am right now.

My puzzle looks a lot like the image I selected for today’s post.  In some respects I’ve got it together and can put on a good front. Yet so much remains a mystery to me.

The difference is now I’m in no hurry to figure it all out or prove to the world that I am worthy of attention only if and when I have placed all the pieces in their perfect positions.

I’m more like the child who, once she has finished the puzzle, immediately dumps it over to see if she can repeatedly recreate a magical result through crazy new combinations or superior memory.

One of my dad’s favorite hobbies is to work on puzzles. Before my parents leave for Arizona for the winter, everyone loads my dad up with puzzles, knowing they will be completed by the time he returns in the spring.

When Bob and I visit we spend many a late evening playing cards and “helping” Dad with his puzzles.  We can never stick with it as long as he can.  He’ll be up til the wee hours of the morning puzzling over his next move.

Some of our favorite gifts are the puzzles Dad has labored over and Mom has mod podged together.  (I’ve never written mod podge before.  Only said it. And that was in the 70s.  Just thought I’d point that out.)

So before taking a long, strange trip back into the past, I’ll wrap it up by reiterating the importance of all the puzzle pieces. Perhaps if your puzzle pieces are missing or seem to be in the wrong place, you might be working on the wrong puzzle?


What’s puzzling you?  Share if you dare in the comments below.  Or simply answer on your own and see where Gillian’s prompts take you.  To have Gillian send you your very own prompts, email her at

No Matter What – Day 19

It’s Day 19 of the No Matter What Game.  You can play along by answering the prompt by Gillian and sharing your response in the comments below.  Or email Gillian at to have your own prompt sent to you.


G:  If you had unlimited funds that had to be used to investigate a scientific or medical problem, which one would you investigate?

P:  The timing of this question is perfect.  I just paid a visit to my acupuncturist today which usually turns into an all consuming discussion about health and disease.

It also means I load up on supplements in addition to being stuck with over 70 needles from head to toe. Consequently, I coined a slightly nuanced phrase for this experience… being needled and dimed to death.

Naturally he’s an excellent doctor, cares deeply for his patients, is constantly furthering his education, and restores my chi to its righteous position, so I consent to all of this.

To answer Gillian’s question, because Bob says often I don’t really answer her questions and he could be right, I don’t have a specific medical problem or scientific conundrum that’s near and dear to my heart.  There are so many medical and scientific issues deserving more attention, research, and funding it’s difficult to pick one.

My passion has always been fitness, health, and wellness. I’ve been a certified ACE fitness instructor for almost 30 years and last year became a certified Eating Psychology Coach. My focus has been on prevention instead of disease management and what we can do to sustain and restore health rather than eradicate disease.

I’ve been blessed to come from a sturdy stock of Midwesterners who are relatively free of any major diseases.  But we live in toxic times and I know unless I detox on a regular basis, I’m as susceptible as the next person to experiencing a debilitating disease.

That’s why at the end of this week I’ll switch my focus for the next 21 days to Detoxing No Matter What.  I won’t be blogging about it every day like I have with this round of the No Matter What Game.  I’ve found that most people are not that interested in hearing about it unless they are doing it as well and I’m not interested in pushing it on anyone. People get interested in detoxing when they are ready, not when I want them to be.

I will, however, chime in with the highlights.  Or when I’m having a meltdown.  It’s all part of the process. No matter how many times I do it.

Anyway, I know there are fascinating scientific problems and medical breakthroughs on the verge of being solved and changing life as we know it. I also know I’m more of an artist than a scientist, so I can’t write intelligently about these issues without doing a little research.  But I do believe the best results come from tapping into the brilliance of both art and science.

So my best answer for today’s question is to pass it on to you. I’m guessing some of you may have some very definite answers, experiences, and stories on this topic.  And some of you may be scientists and medical professionals. So please, leave your response in the comments below. I’d love to hear your take on this.

Thanks for reading and playing at home. :)

No Matter What – Day 18

Welcome to the No Matter What Game where Gillian, the world’s greatest coach, asks a question and I answer.  No matter what. You can play, too.  Leave your response in the comments below or write your response in your journal.

The image of a man who wastes time. We often do not give enough importance to time, we take it for granted and do not know to use it well. Wasting time concept.

G:  My greatest time wasters are . .

P:  How do I waste my time?  Let me count the ways….

Today I seemed to be like one of those plastic bags floating about whichever way the wind blew.  And for the record, it was and still is incredibly windy in my neck of the woods.  Consequently, I’ve been everywhere, man.

Yes, I managed to cross a few things off my list but it felt like no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t take the deep dive into doing the kind of really productive work I usually reserve for Fridays from 4:30-6pm or right before leaving on vacation.

The greater challenge is focus. That’s why I’ve attempted more 21 and 30-day challenges in the past year than I ever have. These periods of sustained focus help me practice discipline and give me confidence that I can achieve what I set out to do.

Make no mistake. They are brutal.  But they are absolutely essential to catapulting me out of my comfort zone and into the productivity zone. Read more about this in this post.

To quote Michael Hyatt,We lose our way when we lose our why.” Today my why went missing. 

The best thing I can do in the morning is to state my intentions and map out a game plan for the day.  I’ve recently discovered a method called Future Mapping that is surprisingly useful and gets my creative juices flowing.

Just the act of being intentional about the direction I’d like my day to go can make a huge difference.  Especially when I add the way I want to feel to the mix.

Could I have grabbed that free flowing plastic bag of thought bubbles out of the air and grounded them at will today?  If I hadn’t been so enamored with the buoyancy of drifting through the day, yes. I’ve been on a regimented schedule for the past couple of weeks and I needed to decompress today.

But tomorrow I must reign it in and put professional Penny back in the driver’s seat so I can promote an event, answer questions, advise students, and write. Because this is what we do. We create. We produce. We deliver. No matter what.


What about you?  What are your greatest time wasters? Have you ever thought something was going to be a waste of time only to have it change your life or vice versa?  Share if you dare in the comments below.  To have Gillian send you a post, contact her at

No Matter What – Day 17

We’re back with the No Matter What Game.  This is the place where the world’s greatest coach Gillian provides a writing prompt and I answer no matter what. She can also provide a prompt for you.  Email her at to get started.

Microphone on stage background

G: If you had your own talk show, whom would you love to interview?

P:  Let’s start with everyone on the TED talks lists.  These are some fascinating individuals with compelling stories to tell.  Not only are they brainiacs but also beautiful and bold as they tell their stories as only they know how.

Plus they know how to get their point across in 18 minutes or less, so I’d never have to worry about them hijacking the show.

Specifically I’d love to interview some of the bloggers and teachers I follow:  Marie Forleo, Marianne Williamson, Brene Brown, Gretchen Rubin, Danielle LaPorte, Chase Jarvis, Heidi Rose Robbins, David WhyteMichael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Tosha Silver, Alexandra Jamieson, Jennifer Grace, Austin Kleon, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Martha Beck, just to name of few.

Fortunately, most of these people have written books and offered online workshops – many of which I’ve participated in – so it’s like having the chance to interview them even if I never have the chance to meet them in person.

We live in amazing times with instant access to incredible teachers. The list of people who inspire me is endless. And most of them are just ordinary folks without websites, books, or workshops.

Which leads me to my next answer.  If I had a talk show, I would love to interview you. That’s right, if you’re reading this, I’d love to have you on the guest list because I know you are up to something worthwhile and I’d love to hear about it. (If you don’t want to wait for my “show”, give us a sneak peak into your current adventure by leaving a comments below.)

PS  – This is a timely question because on Tuesday I will actually be giving an interview on our local radio station to promote an upcoming event as the college.


What do you think?  Who would you interview and why?  Dare to share your thoughts in the comments below.  Or follow along in your own journal.